Posted on Apr 8, 2016

A busy two weeks at the legislature

Since I last wrote, I spent two busy weeks in the legislature. During this session Bill 2, Interim Supply Bill, and Bill 3, Supplementary Supply, were debated and passed.

Bill 4, An Act to Implement a Supreme Court Ruling Governing Essential Services, was also introduced. This bill is currently being debated in the Committee of the Whole. Bill 201, the Election Recall Act, and Bill 202, Alberta Affordable Housing Review Committee Act, were both introduced and second reading began. Motion 501, which urges the government to review policies and strategies to increase community capacity to deliver transitional and low-barrier housing for vulnerable Albertans, was carried unanimously.

Certainly the highlight for me during those two weeks was delivering my Maiden Speech, where I spoke about my constituency, myself and my work as your MLA. If you have time, please give it a read. I would appreciate your feedback. Here is the link:

Following the first two weeks in session I had two very busy weeks in our constituency meeting constituents and attending events. One of those events was a meeting organized by Lethbridge School District 51. It was a somewhat raucous meeting, and I was disappointed by a number of comments and to hear that a number of attendees came from outside the school district. Having said that, I applaud heartily Cheryl Gilmore for her excellent handling of the meeting and her efforts to make sure the meeting was open and accessible to affected parties.

It has been a busy time and I love it. I feel truly honoured to be here to represent my constituents of Lethbridge East.

I also met with the Speaker of the House, Bob Wanner from Medicine Hat, to discuss my proposal and request to the Member Services Committee to develop a Harassment and Bullying Policy that would apply to all members of the Legislative Assembly.

Now we are back in session until April 21, when I will return home for my next constituency week. To date, this has been interesting and I believe progressive time in the Legislature. I have spoken to Bill 4 both in the second reading and spoken against an amendment to the bill, which was defeated this morning.

I will be speaking to Bill 202 in either the Committee as a Whole or during third reading. Motion 501, which I mentioned above, was passed unanimously, as was Motion 502, which urges the government to engage with energy sector workers when developing strategies to diversify Alberta’s energy sector and create value-added jobs.

It has been a busy time and I love it. I feel truly honoured to be here to represent my constituents of Lethbridge East. I expect to be back in the constituency on Fridays during session. Drop in to say hi or to discuss any concern you might have.

This column originally appeared in the Lethbridge Herald on April 8, 2016.